2022 Paris Fire Brigade Calendar

2022 Paris Fire Brigade Calendar.

The history of the Paris Fire Brigade (Brigade de Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris) begins in 1699 with the introduction of water pumps. The Brigade de Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris is known as BSPP or the Sappers.

Sappers stems from “sapeurs” meaning brigade – a sub-division of the French military that dug trenches to allow forces to advance towards the enemy. 

The firefighters in Paris became a more important organization after the 1810 fire at the ball in the Austrian Embassy to celebrate Napoleon Bonaparte’s marriage to Marie–Louise. After this catastrophe, Napoleon reorganized the public service and created the first military unit of firefighters in September 1811, an innovative idea at the time. This military unit was under the authority of the Police Prefect. 

The current Paris Fire Brigade has six regiments: 1) the 1st Fire and Rescue Regiment, 2) the 2nd Fire and Rescue Regiment, 3) the 3rd Fire and Rescue Regiment, 4) Dedicated Support Regiment, 5) Support and Rescue Regiment, and 6) Training Instruction and Rescue Regiment. 

As with other firefighter calendars across the globe, the sales of the 2022 Paris Fire Brigade Calendar raise funds for charity.


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