Coronavirus pandemic – documentary trailer released

Coronavirus pandemic – documentary trailer released.

Georgian film director, Beka Mikadze, has released the first short 2-minute trailer on his upcoming COVID-19 Pandemic documentary – Pandemia – to be broadcast in the near future. 

Through my Georgian assistant, I was contacted by the Georgian-Canadian company, the Gantiadi Ethno Cultural Film Association (GECFA), in April 2020 regarding an interview for their COVID-19 documentary. 

Its aim is to focus on 25 people from 20 countries and their experiences with their nation’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic – the lockdown, the confinement, the cases, the deaths, and how the interviewees are coping with this strange new world. 

The aim is to provide a global insight into the human response to the crisis, to ‘preserve the moment and record genuine emotions of interesting people in 20 different countries,’ Beka said.

I am a British-Australian, living in Tbilisi, Georgia, for the past ten years, and in lockdown in Paris, France, from March to May. 

My interview, in Paris, was on 26 April 2020 with Beka Mikadze and his colleague Fred Sengmueller via Skype.  

I spoke of the current situation, the French government’s strict confinement regulations, the French people’s attitude to the restrictions, my feelings, the importance of family and friends, the current ‘heroes’ and society’s attitude towards nature. 

In the trailer, I am talking about what the word ‘emptiness’ means to me. Where is everyone? 

I’m looking forward to the documentary’s launch. 

Link to YouTube 2-minute trailer:

By the way, people have asked me what ‘Opal Hush’ means—the title of these blog pages. Opal is a reference to my Australian life, and my favourite gemstone. Hush is a reference to secrets, or information shared between people in close proximity. Opal Hush is also a drink, and society-set, mentioned in James Joyce’s Ulysses (1922). Opal Hush is a drink of a quarter of a glass of claret, topped with lemonade from a soda siphon—a diluted form of alcoholic consumption. 

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