The advice French mothers give their daughters

The advice French mothers give their daughters.

Like all mothers, French mothers give their daughters advice. A study found that their daughters actually take their mothers advice, not about everything, but mostly about fashion. 

The French cosmetics company conducted research poll about mothers and daughters, and the advice given, and the advice taken. It was conducted in 2013, but the findings are interesting and relevant today. 

Daughters, of all ages, said that they listen to their French mother about fashion, more than they rely on magazine tips, especially about appearance, grooming, and clothing.

The poll found that French mothers started giving advice to their daughters from about eleven years of age about fashion and make-up, and that daughters adopted a similar style to their mother. 

More than half of the females polled said that they asked their mothers for advice when purchasing a new outfit. About 30% said that if their mother didn’t like the new outfit, they wouldn’t wear it, and 70% said they would wear it anyway, whether their mother liked it or not.

Daughters listed the advice that their mothers gave them. The researchers ranked the advice, provided here in order from the most frequent advice to the least frequently given advice.

  1. Remove make-up before going to bed at night
  2. Moisturise your neck when you moisturise your face
  3. Wear properly fitted bras
  4. Never pluck hair at the top of your eyebrows (only underneath)
  5. Always apply sunscreen
  6. Never shave your legs above the knee
  7. Never get a tattoo
  8. Don’t wash your hair every day
  9. Sit up straight
  10. Never wear a black bra underneath a white top
  11. Always iron your clothes
  12. Never show your cleavage and your legs at the same time (show one or the other, but not both)
  13. Always carry a spare pair of stockings
  14. Always wear lipstick and mascara.

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