Animal art installations in the Luxembourg Garden, Paris

Animal art installations in the Luxembourg Garden, Paris.

On 11 April 2021, the Luxembourg Garden in Paris added a new feature in its large grounds – three wooden deer statues. A week later, another art installation appeared – a group of foxes and rabbits. A few days later, yet another one appeared – wild boar. And another – two cranes. And the last one – a swarm of bees. 

The accompanying sign said:

“Being installed …

The gardeners of the Luxembourg Garden are preparing for beautiful days!

The gardeners are currently installing an exhibition walk that, through a playful and poetic journey, will invite you to stroll away from the city, in an idealized countryside.

From June, you will be able to discover the first blooms of these richly planted vegetation scenes or hidden unusual residents.”

They are all made of light-coloured wood, showing a three-dimensional effect. Some, such as the stags, are quite large, while others, like the bees, are quite small. All bring a glimpse of the French countryside to the inner-city Luxembourg Garden of Paris. 

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