Timeless Paris: Shops and Ateliers of Yesteryear

Timeless Paris: Shops and Ateliers of Yesteryear.

Timeless Paris: Shops and Ateliers of Yesteryear (2021) is a coffee table reference book of wonderful photographs of interesting artistic workshops in Paris. The author, Marin Montagut, is an artist with his own atelier on the street where I live in the 6th arrondissement. 

The workshops he describes are the places he sources his own materials: paints, pigments, brushes, pencils, twines, books, papers, models, flower-presses, ribbons, fabrics, textiles, buttons, frames, and so on. He travels all around Paris from one antique dealer to another from Montmartre to Saint-Germain-des-Prés. 

Marin Montagut reveals 19 of his secret places and discusses their heritage and traditions. Some ateliers and shops go back to the 1720s and are still in existence today. 

The pages are collages of photographs and sketches that provide inspiration for creatives of all kinds. It’s a treasure chest of amazing images. 

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