A puzzling fresco – the Tangram Building, Paris

A puzzling fresco – the Tangram Building, Paris.

The Tangram Building in Paris is a building with a large, coloured fresco in enamelled glass, in the design of a tangram. A tangram is a puzzle consisting of flat polygons, called tans, which are constructed to form shapes.

The tans are used to create minimalist designs that are:

‘either appreciated for their inherent aesthetic merits or as the basis for challenging others to replicate its outline.’

Installed in 2019, visual architect Aldric Beckmann worked in association with Proarti and the support of StoVentec Glass, Sietech, Sorbonne University, and the Chancellery of the Universities of Paris.

The project develops a landscape perspective according to a principle of ‘reflection and shimmer’ reinterpreting the environment.

This work was installed in 2019 in the 6th arrondissement on the Boulevard Raspail as part of the “Beautify Paris” campaign launched by the City of Paris to promote initiatives and beautification projects in targeted Parisian spaces. 

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