Boulangerie, crêperie, fromagerie … just add ie

Boulangerie, crêperie, fromagerie … just add ie.

Many shops in France take the ending “ie” just as in English they take the ending “y” – bakery is boulangerie, laundry is laverie – but not every artisanal store in France has a direct “y” translation. 

La bijouterie = the jewellery store 

La blanchisserie = the laundry

La boiserie = the woodwork shop

La boucherie = the butchery  

La boulangerie = the bakery 

La brasserie = the brewery 

La brûlerie = the roastery 

La cordonnerie = the shoe repair or shoemaking shop 

La crêperie = the restaurant that makes crêpes (pancakes)

La croissanterie = the croissant shop

La droguerie = the drugstore 

L’ebenisterie = the cabinetmaking store 

L’épicerie = the grocery store 

La fromagerie = the cheese store

La glacerie = the icecream store 

La mercerie = the haberdashery store (the sewing store)

La laverie = the laundry

La marqueterie = the marquetry

La menuiserie = the carpentry store  

L’orangerie = the orangery

La papeterie = the stationery shop 

La parfumerie = the perfumery

La pâtisserie = the pastry shop 

La pharmacie = the pharmacy 

La plomberie = the plumbing store 

La poissonnerie = the fishmongery (the fish shop)

To make it easier to determine the gender of the noun, about 98% of words ending in “ie” in French are feminine. 

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