The Madame in Rue Gît-le-Couer

The Madame in Rue Gît-le-Couer. Today, I’m looking for evidence of the Ulysses character, Kevin Egan, who is, in real-life, Joseph Theobald Carey, a friend of James Joyce. I am in rue Gît-le-Couer in the 6tharrondissement. There is no grainy sand in rue Gît-le-Couer. No razorshells, no squeaking pebbles, no unwholesome sandflats. This is not theContinue reading “The Madame in Rue Gît-le-Couer”

Coronavirus pandemic – documentary trailer released

Coronavirus pandemic – documentary trailer released. Georgian film director, Beka Mikadze, has released the first short 2-minute trailer on his upcoming COVID-19 Pandemic documentary – Pandemia – to be broadcast in the near future.  Through my Georgian assistant, I was contacted by the Georgian-Canadian company, the Gantiadi Ethno Cultural Film Association (GECFA), in April 2020Continue reading “Coronavirus pandemic – documentary trailer released”

A Gargoyle Face on Rue Saint-André-des-Arts

A Gargoyle Face on Rue Saint-André-des-Arts. Today I am looking for gargoyles.  Days after President Macron lifted the two-month ‘deconfinement’ of citizens for their protection during the Coronavirus pandemic, I’ve resumed walking more than the previously imposed one-kilometre distance.  During the two months, citizens required a permission slip with name, age, address, and reason forContinue reading “A Gargoyle Face on Rue Saint-André-des-Arts”