The Gold Skinned Men in Paris

The Gold Skinned Men in Paris. Today I am looking for gold skinned men in Paris. Not golden statues, although there are many of those, and they are easy to be found.  I’m reading James Joyce’s Ulysses, Episode 2, Nestor: ‘On the step of the Paris stock exchange the goldskinned men quoting prices on their gemmedContinue reading “The Gold Skinned Men in Paris”

The Chambers of the Paris Catacombs

The Chambers of the Catacombs. Catacombs, by definition, are morbid and mournful chambers for the dead. They are not burial places, for there is no dignity in death. Catacombs are a city’s ossuary, a network of underground passageways filled with human bones, deposited and blessed with religious rites. Human-made, human-laid.  Paris has several ossuaries, andContinue reading “The Chambers of the Paris Catacombs”

The Madame in Rue Gît-le-Couer

The Madame in Rue Gît-le-Couer. Today, I’m looking for evidence of the Ulysses character, Kevin Egan, who is, in real-life, Joseph Theobald Carey, a friend of James Joyce. I am in rue Gît-le-Couer in the 6tharrondissement. There is no grainy sand in rue Gît-le-Couer. No razorshells, no squeaking pebbles, no unwholesome sandflats. This is not theContinue reading “The Madame in Rue Gît-le-Couer”

Coronavirus pandemic – documentary trailer released

Coronavirus pandemic – documentary trailer released. Georgian film director, Beka Mikadze, has released the first short 2-minute trailer on his upcoming COVID-19 Pandemic documentary – Pandemia – to be broadcast in the near future.  Through my Georgian assistant, I was contacted by the Georgian-Canadian company, the Gantiadi Ethno Cultural Film Association (GECFA), in April 2020Continue reading “Coronavirus pandemic – documentary trailer released”

A Gargoyle Face on Rue Saint-André-des-Arts

A Gargoyle Face on Rue Saint-André-des-Arts. Today I am looking for gargoyles.  Days after President Macron lifted the two-month ‘deconfinement’ of citizens for their protection during the Coronavirus pandemic, I’ve resumed walking more than the previously imposed one-kilometre distance.  During the two months, citizens required a permission slip with name, age, address, and reason forContinue reading “A Gargoyle Face on Rue Saint-André-des-Arts”