Why Parisians adore Josephine Baker

Why Parisians adore Josephine Baker. Why is Josephine Baker still so revered in Paris?  American-born Freda Josephine McDonald (1906-1975) married her second husband, entertainer William Howard Baker, in 1921 when she was fifteen years old, keeping his name for life, despite her subsequent marriages. She first arrived in Paris in 1925 at the age ofContinue reading “Why Parisians adore Josephine Baker”

Dr. Borsch Eye Clinic

James Joyce had frequent eye problems. In Paris, Dr. Victor Morax operated on Joyce’s right eye in 1921. At the end of May 1922, Joyce was in “great pain” and, for relief, Nora bathed his eyes with ice water. His publisher Sylvia Beach recommended the American oculist Dr. Louis Borsch, who had opened an eyeContinue reading “Dr. Borsch Eye Clinic”