Parisian architecture: ‘castles in the air’

Parisian architecture: ‘castles in the air.’  In May 2015, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, wrote an article in Politico stating that the French capital has become a testing ground for new technologies. She headlined the article, in English, ‘Parisian castles in the air.’ It is an interesting headline. France is famous for its castles –Continue reading “Parisian architecture: ‘castles in the air’”

Metropolitain to Metro to M – signs at Paris Metro stations

Metropolitain to Metro to M – signs at Paris Metro stations.  I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere along the time continuum, the Paris Métro station signs gradually evolved and changed. And not for the better, in my opinion.  The Paris Métro railway began operations in 1900 to take people to the Paris WorldContinue reading “Metropolitain to Metro to M – signs at Paris Metro stations”

Apartment: 71 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine

After the lease at 5 Boulevard Raspail expired, French poet Valery Larbaud, who announced to France that James Joyce was a ‘genius’ of literature, offered James Joyce his apartment, rent-free, while he was on vacation. This was timely, and the Joyce family accepted the kind offer. The Joyce family moved into the quiet, comfortable, andContinue reading “Apartment: 71 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine”

Apartment: 5 Boulevard Raspail

Finally, after five months in Paris, staying in the small hotel on Rue de l’Université and in Ludmilla Bloch-Savitsky’s servants’ quarters, Joyce signed a five-month lease for an apartment at 5 Boulevard Raspail in the 7th arrondissement. The luxurious apartment was in the Montparnasse district, halfway between two gardens: the Tuileries Garden across the RiverContinue reading “Apartment: 5 Boulevard Raspail”