Hotel Lutétia

James, Nora, Giorgio, and Giorgio’s seven-year-old son Stephen James, packed their goods permanently due to the onset of World War II, evacuating first to the French countryside, and then to neutral territory – Zurich, Switzerland. The Joyce family moved into the Hotel Lutétia on 45 Boulevard Raspail in the 5th arrondissement. His daughter Lucia JoyceContinue reading “Hotel Lutétia”

Hotel Lord Byron

On 20 October 1932, the Joyce family moved into the Hotel Lord Byron at 5 Rue Chateaubriand in the 8th arrondissement, on an S-shaped street one block from the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, but on the northern side. Far from the Seine, and twenty-five minutes to the Eiffel Tower, it was, however, closer to the Arc deContinue reading “Hotel Lord Byron”

Hotel Le Belmont

The lease on their Passy apartment expired so the Joyce family decided to holiday in England. On 17 April 1932, James Joyce, Nora, and daughter Lucia went to the railway station in Paris with their luggage, but Nora had a severe crying episode which put a stop to their plans. They took a taxi toContinue reading “Hotel Le Belmont”

Hotel La Résidence

James Joyce married Nora Barnacle in England on 4 July 1931, after living with her for twenty-seven years. His children, Giorgio and Lucia, attended the wedding. Joyce intended to move permanently to London, but a few months later, he decided to return to Paris. He arrived in Paris in September 1931. James and Nora JoyceContinue reading “Hotel La Résidence”

Hotel Grand Powers

Before the Joyce family left to go to England, they spent almost two weeks in the Hotel Grand Powers in the 8th arrondissement at 52 Rue Francoise 1er in the 8th arrondissement. They intended to relocate to London permanently. Hotel Grand Powers still exists. It is located at 52 Rue Francois 1er near the AvenueContinue reading “Hotel Grand Powers”

Hotel Bourgogne and Montana

Before James Joyce and his family could move into their new rental apartment, it needed renovations. So for a month, the Joyce family moved into a nearby hotel – the Hotel Bourgogne & Montana. Hotel Bourgogne & Montana still exists. It is located at 3 Rue de Bourgogne in the 7th arrondissement. It is locatedContinue reading “Hotel Bourgogne and Montana”

Hotel Victoria Palace

In August 1923, after a refreshing holiday at the seaside in England, James and Nora Joyce booked into the Hotel Victoria Palace at 6 Rue Blaise Desgoffe in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Hotel Victoria Palace still exists. It is located on a side street off Rue de Rennes, a shopping street in the Montparnasse-RennesContinue reading “Hotel Victoria Palace”