La Rotonde renovations, June 2020 – still a sign of the times

La Rotonde renovations, June 2020 – still a sign of the times. There is no direct mention of James Joyce visiting La Rotonde brasserie on the Boulevard du Montparnasse, nor is it mentioned in any of his books. It is on the edge of the 6th arrondissement, where the 14th arrondissement begins. Facing La Rotonde isContinue reading “La Rotonde renovations, June 2020 – still a sign of the times”

Apartment: 2 Square de Robiac

After renovations, the Joyce family moved into their new apartment at 2 Square de Robiac in the 7th arrondissement on 13 June 1925, just off the Rue de Grenelle. Renovations were ongoing and Joyce’s London sponsor Harriet Shaw Weaver, on holiday in Paris, was “shocked by the chaos.” But the apartment was spacious and inContinue reading “Apartment: 2 Square de Robiac”

Hotel Lutétia

James, Nora, Giorgio, and Giorgio’s seven-year-old son Stephen James, packed their goods permanently due to the onset of World War II, evacuating first to the French countryside, and then to neutral territory – Zurich, Switzerland. The Joyce family moved into the Hotel Lutétia on 45 Boulevard Raspail in the 5th arrondissement. His daughter Lucia JoyceContinue reading “Hotel Lutétia”

Hotel Victoria Palace

In August 1923, after a refreshing holiday at the seaside in England, James and Nora Joyce booked into the Hotel Victoria Palace at 6 Rue Blaise Desgoffe in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Hotel Victoria Palace still exists. It is located on a side street off Rue de Rennes, a shopping street in the Montparnasse-RennesContinue reading “Hotel Victoria Palace”